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A very pregnant Mary has lost her 12yr old son and her husband to the Alone-a-virus. Now she must save the son that rests in her womb. She goes to the United Nations in NYC to present her case to the International Court of Justice. The session is in full swing when Mary feels intense labor pains and runs to get help. On her way out of the building Mary accidentally steps on a bomb button strategically placed by the opportunists.

If Mary lifts her foot the bomb will go off.  

The best comics in New York City. Hosted by Pitbull. An impersonator we found on the Internet.

Created by Charlie Sosnick and Mike Kandel (The New Yorker, New York Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe)

With Patrick Doran, Victoria Pandeirada, Danielle Clarke-Fisher and Benny Feldman

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Culled from interviews, letters, transcripts, case files and the public record, The Exonerated tells the true stories of six wrongfully convicted survivors of death row in their own words. Moving between first-person monologues and scenes set in courtrooms and prisons, the six interwoven stories paint a picture of an American criminal justice system gone horribly wrong—and of six brave souls who persevered to survive it

New York City
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Let me tell you a little bit about me. I am a Puerto Rican Native New Yorker (Nuyorican) born and raised in the boogie down Bronx. Growing up, people always felt comfortable telling me their problems and suggested I become a therapist.... so I became an Actor!


I have a Business Degree from NYU. I speak several foreign languages but am most fluent in both English and Spanish. I trained at HB Studios and then went to do a 2 year conservatory at American Academy of Dramatic Arts.


Fun Fact: I am a proud parent of an Orange Winged Amazon parrot named Oliver who laughs and whistles the sexy whistle on cue. I'm also a Pitbull impersonator who sings love songs at Bat Mitzvahs. 


I love making people laugh and right now the world needs the gift of laughter more than ever before.  My motto is, "If you're not laughing you're not living because a life without laughter is no life at all, it's just survival."


So click on the link below to get your laugh on and live a little, or get some therapy through laughter, even if it's just for a couple of minutes. 

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